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The dictionary defines invincible as incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued.

As a professional athlete competing at the highest level, your sports franchise has invested millions of dollars in your talents because of your invincibility on the field or the court.

At Paratum Sports, our athletes realize that true invincibility comes from knowing that no matter what happens to you on the field or the court, your lifestyle and most importantly, your family, are financially invincible while you are in your prime and after your playing career ends.

For over 18 years, Paratum has worked with some of the wealthiest individuals around the world and we have helped our clients to develop strategies that protect them, their families, and their assets for life.

And we’re taking these same strategies to help our elite-level athletes achieve the same level of protection.

We can show you solutions to help you save money beyond what your contract currently pays or what your pension will pay you in the future, and accumulate cash, while also allowing you to live the lifestyle that you want today.

Our solutions help you protect your assets against things like lawsuits, litigation and bankruptcy.

We can advise you on proactive tax planning ideas that the top fortune 500 executives and some of the highest net worth individuals use to keep more money in your pocket.

And we can create additional royalty deals so that you have additional revenue streams using your brand beyond your playing career.

All of our solutions are customized to each player since each player is different and each player is at a different point in their career.

The best part is that we are compensated off the SUCCESS OF OUR SOLUTION and not your contract so you only invest in us, after our investment in YOU has paid off.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you save money today without having to change your current lifestyle and set yourself up for financial independence for the rest of your days to come, then contact us directly.

Paratum Sports…helping our athletes become financially invincible.


Paratum Sports, LLC offers alternative advisory services for athletes. We do not act as an athlete's agent, business manager or investment manager; rather, we work in conjunction with the athlete's current advisors to enhance the athlete's wealth accumulation and preservation beyond their playing career.